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About Us

Virginia Chestnuts markets chestnuts commercially grown in Virginia and today includes 5 young orchards of blight resistant trees. After nearly 100 years, local and fresh chestnuts are here again, ready to be discovered and enjoyed by all.

Chestnut Orchards

Breidablik Farm was established by Hal and Sarah Loken. Together with their son Trygve, they enjoy orcharding and are anxiously awaiting their first chestnut crop.

Bryant Farm and Nursery
The Bryant Farm and Nursery began in 2003 and the chestnut orchard was established in 2009. The nursery began in 2016, focused on providing commercial chestnut tree stock for new orchards. Bryant Farm and Nursery We also sell chestnut tree seedlings.  Find where they are sold at Bryant Farm or contact us at

Helbert Orchard
The Helbert chestnut orchard was established in 2014. Kathy and Randy Helbert were seeking a great way to spend their future retirement.

Hopkins Orchard
David and Stormy Hopkins along with their children established their chestnut orchard in 2014.

Seamans Orchard
Seamans Orchard has a long history and deep roots in Nelson County. The family’s 4th generation is responsible for their chestnut orchard, added to their abundant selection of crops that includes apples, peaches, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, plus more. Visit Seamans Orchard for more information.

Life in the orchard

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