What to Expect

Fresh, safe and fast

Fresh Product

Harvest and storage

Immediately after harvest, chestnuts are placed in cold storage rooms until processing.  After processing, chestnuts are stored in a controlled atmosphere environment until sold -- ensuring the freshest nuts through the season.

Safe Handling

From the Tree to Your Door

We follow best food safety practices from the time of harvest, through processing and packaging.  All product is sanitized before leaving our facilities.

Fast shipping

Focus on Freshness

Chestnuts are perishable and we make every effort to have your chestnuts delivered in a few days, without delays over the weekend.

At Virginia Chestnuts, we want everyone to experience the aroma and taste of fresh, roasted chestnuts.

From our farms to you

Our group of family farms grow the finest chestnuts and deliver them directly to you to enjoy

Bryant Farm and Nursery

Shipman, Virginia

The Bryant Farm and Nursery began in 2003 and the chestnut orchard was established in 2009. The nursery began in 2016, focused on providing commercial chestnut tree stock for new orchards. Bryant Farm and Nursery We also sell chestnut tree seedlings.  Find where they are sold at Bryant Farm.

Seamans Orchard

Roseland, Virginia

Seamans Orchard has a long history and deep roots in Nelson County. The family’s 4th generation is responsible for their chestnut orchard, added to their abundant selection of crops that includes apples, peaches, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, plus more. Visit Seamans Orchard for more information.

Jefferson Farm

Elkton, Virginia

Matthew Jefferson has a young chestnut orchard in the Shenandoah Valley coming into production.

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